“Eschatology: Study of the End-Times” and “Vaccines: Good or Bad?”


We talk about the different views on the Tribulation as well as the Millennium. We compare futurism, historicism, and preterism. Will the Jewish Temple be rebuilt and what preparations are they making?

We also talk about the safety of vaccines. Are they safe to take when they have know toxins in them (e.g. mercury and formaldehyde) and is the government ban on suing vaccine manufacturers a good thing?

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3 thoughts on ““Eschatology: Study of the End-Times” and “Vaccines: Good or Bad?”

  1. I vaccinate my kids to keep them safe from illness, because I understand science and don’t listen to charismatic politicians who practiced obstetrics in the 60’s (Ron Paul).

    I came to this page by typing in “vaccine eschatology” because I just finished a convo with an anti-vaxer (no really, this person opposes vaccines, so I reserve the right to say anti-vaxer categorically) who basically thinks vaccines are going to usher in the end of the age.

    I don’t know if you guys have ever approached this topic again, but let me just say I LOL’d at your attempt to explain what a vaccine is and the “known toxins” in vaccines. At first it seemed like an honest and kind of humorous attempt to evaluate this issue. You admit that you’re clueless about the science. That’s ok. Not everyone does science.

    As I continued to listen, my heart sank. You ended up just repeating every anti-vaccine talking point that has been debunked over and over again DESPITE your open admission that you have no clue about the science.

    I really think you both mean well. But this was disappointing and, while certainly there’s evidence that you read some stuff, there’s no evidence of any critical thinking yet you offer a jab about folks who vaccinate “drinking the kool-aid.” Seriously, it would not take long to give you a list of the handful of fringe doctors whose talking points you just repeated because it sounds good and “doesn’t seem safe.”

    It’s sad to me when people like you guys pretend to be walking the “middle ground” but then all you manage to come up with are arguments that irresponsibly dismiss the actual facts.

    Vaccines aren’t associated with cancers. “Doesnt seem safe” isn’t a reasonable argument. You guys are fearmongering plain and simple, all while complaining about fearmongering when you refer to statements that are supported by actual facts (and the “get the flu shot” stuff almost always goes along with the reminder that no one can predict what kind of flu season it will be.)

    It’s too bad that someone has you convinced that you represent some kind of neutral position when apparently all you’ve read and taken to heart is hype with no factual support. I really hope in the year or so since this podcast was made that you’ve learned a little about vaccines and haven’t leapt any deeper into the cynical anti-vaccine rabbithole.

    • My response might have been overdramatic. I meant to offer a rebuttal to some points specifically, like the ingredients in vaccines, but whenever it became clear that your position is mostly political I ditched the efforts and wrote a rant.

      If you end up approving the comments and have any kind of response, then I’m good for a calm discussion point by point.

      • Hey Sara! Thanks for listening and taking the time to share your thoughts. Michael and I are always open to information and other views that aren’t our own. I’d certainly love to hear more. I might be stepping over the line, but maybe even having you on the show to talk about it. If you’re open to it, shoot us an email and maybe we can work something out.

        Have a great day!


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