Preterism with guest Dee Dee Warren


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We talk with guest Dee Dee Warren about Preterism and the timing of prophetic events. Dee Dee explains how Matthew 24 and Daniel’s prophesies show that the original readers would have expected events to take place within their lifetimes. We also talk about the Tribulation, the Antichrist and more!

03:20 – The difference between Preterism & Hyper-Preterism
07:26 – Dee Dee’s journey from Dispensationalist to Preterist
11:04 – Matthew 24:34 & it’s timing statement
16:21 – The Tribulation
22:07 – The Anti-Christ, the Beast & the Mark of the Beast
26:40 – Armageddon, Mog & Magog
29:23 – The Two Witnesses, Mystery Babylon & timing statements
34:15 – 70 Weeks of Daniel
39:42 – Western culture, current events & eschatology

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