“Mirror Reading the Bible” and “The JFK Assassination”


We talk about what “Mirror Reading” is and if it’s a good way to interpret the Bible. We also discuss Andy Naselli’s blog post regarding mirror reading. On the political side, we discuss the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination and the controversy surrounding it.

06:26 – What is mirror-reading?
09:05 – Is mirror-reading speculative?
12:33 – Andy Naselli’s skepticism of mirror-reading
14:38 – Bob Stein – mirror reading “thou shalt not steal”
15:44 – Bob Stein – can we know the “what” without the “why”?
17:48 – Clint Arnold & Colossians 3:8 – issues in the church or universal principles?
22:45 – Tom Schriener – simple vs complex interpretation
23:55 – John Piper’s mirror-reading of I Thess. 5:20
30:03 – Mirror-Reading Old Testament quotations & allusions
34:08 – John M.G. Barklay & mirror-reading

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2 thoughts on ““Mirror Reading the Bible” and “The JFK Assassination”

  1. Very valid points about being respectful hosts. In my previous comments, I didn’t mean to suggest that you yell at him or even challenge him, or any other guest. You were very and appropriately respectful.

    I was just disappointed he was “still” so mainstream… and yet it’s a good reminder where most fellow believers are, politically. Mainly, I was venting… Personally, I’m still sort of coming to grips with not being a card-carrying Republican… Just 5 years ago, I was spouting the same talking points. I’m thankful that, wherever we’re at on the political journey, Jesus is Lord, and the more I learn in any facet of life, the more amazing He becomes in my awareness.

  2. Doug – we always appreciate the tone of your comments. Steven and I just wanted to point out that we agree with several points you made in your previous comments. I think the part about how we treat guests was directed more at offline comments we had gotten.

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