“The Beatitudes” and “The 1st Amendment”


We talk about the Beatitudes and how they may have been viewed as negative attributes.  We also talk about Duck Dynasty and the 1st Amendment.

The Beatitudes

04:15 – What are the Beatitudes?
07:40 – Blessed are the poor in spirit
09:32 – Blessed are those that mourn
11:23 – Blessed are the meek
13:43 – Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness
19:25 – Blessed are the merciful
21:52 – Blessed are the pure in heart
22:37 – Blessed are the peace-makers
25:37 – Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake
The First Amendment
27:29 – What is the 1st amendment?
30:39 – Is the Duck Dynasty controversy a 1st amendment issue?
36:59 – Corporate influence
41:07 – Is boycotting appropriate? What should be the Christian response?

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3 thoughts on ““The Beatitudes” and “The 1st Amendment”

  1. I would like more on how you interpret the beatitudes and other aspects of the Sermon on the Mount. It was good, but I was just sort of getting your perspective when you changed subjects. Maybe I should just listen again.

    And also, I really enjoyed your perspective on the Duck Dynasty. It was a good reorienting of priorities. I recall over the holidays, my brother in law going off on the A&E (although he didn’t watch the show), and then going off on the Federal Reserve, and then liberal Democrats, and then ObamaCare, and then Illinois taxes. What do these things have in common? My brother in law, I guess.

    • I encourage you to check out Dallas Willard’s book ” The Divine Conspiracy”. From chapter 4, “The poor in spirit are called ‘blessed’ by Jesus, not because they are in a meritorious condition but because, precisely in spite of and in the midst of their ever so deplorable condition, the rule of the heavens has moved redemptively upon and through them by the grace of Christ” Although I disagree with Willard on why the attributes in the beatitudes were viewed as negative, I agree they were viewed as negative.

      I don’t really have any particular thoughts on the Sermon on the Mount besides the beatitudes, but I will be studying Matthew over the next few months with a friend and I plan I posting my thoughts on youtube. Perhaps I will have additional thoughts then. I will send you a link when I post to youtube and you can watch if you’re interested.

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