“Tithing” with Dr. Ben Shin


We talk with Dr. Ben Shin from Talbot School of Theology about tithing. What is tithing? Should we tithe today? What is the Old Testament context of tithing? How much should we give to our church? How should pastors teach on tithing? and much more!

01:36 – The meaning of the word “tithe”
02:20 – Should people tithe 10%?
03:34 – Are our financial circumstances different than the ancient Israelites and should that affect how much we give?
05:20 – Thoughts on tax breaks for clergy
06:49 – Are we overtaxed as a nation?
08:04 – Additional tithes in the Old Testament
11:31 – Was there a difference between the tithe and the Temple tax?
12:33 – Were the Jews tithing at the time of Jesus?
13:08 – Slavery and tithing
14:13 – Does 2nd Corinthians 9 refer to tithing?
16:05 – How much should we tithe today?
18:16 – Should we pay church elders?
21:20 – Does Malachi 3:10 refer to tithing and how does it relate to the prosperity gospel?
24:24 – Will God punish those who don’t give?
27:13 – Should you still give if you don’t agree with how a church spends money?
30:01 – What if you tithe and your financial situation gets worse?
36:23 – How should a pastor teach on tithing?
39:43 – Final thoughts on tithing

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