“Flesh and Spirit” and “Our Educational System”


Michael proposes that when the New Testament talks about the “flesh” and the “spirit”, it’s responding to a false teaching in the early church that said there were two ways of salvation. This throws into question the use of the term “flesh” as referring to our sinful nature. We also talk about our current educational system and whether it’s producing the type of students that is best for our society. We discuss John Taylor Gatto and how the Prussian educational system simply teaches obedience.

Flesh and Spirit
03:52 – The Two Ways of Salvation false teaching
04:28 – The Way of the Spirit & The Way of the Flesh
05:10 – Coexistence of the two “Ways” in the N.T. Church.
11:27 – What is “The Flesh”?
15:45 – Views on sinful nature
Our Educational System
21:29 – R.C. Sproul on education
25:05 – John Taylor Gatto on education
27:45 – The Prussian system of education & creating obedience
29:38 – Reading vs Speaking
32:18 – Corporate influence on education
34:54 – Good obedience vs bad obedience
38:18 – Creating change at the local level
40:55 – Home-school vs Public School

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3 thoughts on ““Flesh and Spirit” and “Our Educational System”

  1. Regarding the false dichotomy of salvation of flesh or spirit, I wonder if the NT writers were responding to gnosticism somewhat, with the gnostic view that the material is evil and spirit is good. I don’t know much about those ideas floating around at the time. Interesting how the one guy said sin is an entity. I like the suggestion that “sin” is a corrupting force in the universe.

    I’ve also been troubled about our educational system (specifically related to Common Core Curriculum and my daughter in the school system), but your insights on how it creates a control/obedience populace is interesting, especially how that relates to the gospel, because that is inherently opposite of the gospel. Our educational system creates a fear-based works-based system of punishment and reward… In 1 John 4:18, John suggests that fear (not hate) is the opposite of love, and fear has to do with punishment and judgement… and control. But perfect love has no fear, and God is love (not fear). Because what you fear has control over you, and all of this is a worldly, even antichrist system.

    Jesus lived a life free of fear of others (and thus free from control). Anytime the Pharisees or government figures (like Pilate) tried to trap and control him, he turned things upside down with Truth and love. To me, it’s starting to shed light on what being free in Christ truly means.

    • I don’t think the NT was responding to gnosticism (although many do think that) BUT I think it’s likely that the false teachings were the genesis for what would become gnosticism.

  2. I’d love to hear more about that. I think I heard somewhere that gnosticism arose a century or two after the NT books were written. I think that a lot of the New Age/zeitgeisty stuff floating around these days is basically Gnosticism revisited.

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