“Holiness & Sanctification” and “Net Neutrality”


What does it mean to be holy and what is sanctification? Michael proposes that the Bible talks about recognitive sanctification instead of progressive sanctification. Does being fully sanctified mean moral perfection? We also discuss the hole in Kevin DeYoung’s “Hole in our Holiness”. On the political side, we talk about net neutrality and the influence that corporations have on net neutrality and the government.

Holiness & Sanctification
03:24 – Greek root of holiness & sanctification
06:05 – John MacArthur & “set apart” from what?
10:36 – Definitive sanctification & progressive sanctification
14:05 – Mark Driscoll & progressively sanctified or fully sanctified
18:09 – 1 Thessalonians 5:23 & “wholly sanctified”
19:33 – Recognitive sanctification
26:07 – Kevin DeYoung & holiness in Hebrews 12
Net Neutrality
37:31 – Corporate influence of internet access
47:30 – Is there a free market solution?

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