“Neitherism” with Josh Caterer


We talk with worship leader and lead singer of The Smoking Popes, Josh Caterer. We discuss Calvinism and Arminianism in light of Josh’s blog post entitled “The Case for Neitherism“. Josh also shares about his experiences in The Smoking Popes and as a Christian worship leader.

03:44 – What is Neitherism?
08:49 – The journey from Calivinist to Neitherist
19:16 – What about Open Theism or Molanism?
22:14 – Is there a danger of slipping into legalism by focusing too much on an “ism”?
26:07 – Why is the God’s Sovereignty/Free Will debate so heated?
35:41 – Josh’s experience when he brought back The Smoking Popes
40:52 – Are there creative constraints as a worship leader?
56:56 – Thoughts behind the song “College”

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