“Orthodoxy & Heresy” with C. Michael Patton


C. Michael Patton from Credo House Ministries joins us to discuss orthodoxy and heresy. We talk about essential and non-essential beliefs, how the Trinity relates to orthodoxy, how we should classify the prosperity gospel and the emergent church, how we should treat heretics, how detailed should doctrinal statements be and much more!

06:34 – What are essential & nonessential beliefs?
11:49 – Is Christianity unorthodox?
14:43 – Gods attributes & Orthodoxy
16:45 – Can you be a heretic & still be saved? How does the trinity relate to orthodoxy?
25:32 – Did John MacArthur make a non-essential belief into an essential with Strange Fire?
28:33 – Is the prosperity gospel a heresy
31:13 – How does the emergent church relate to orthodoxy?
34:04 – How should you treat a heretic?
37:08 – How specific should church doctrine be?
40:11 – Why do people tend to see non-essentials as so important?
43:03 – The Theology Program at Credo House

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