RE2 Interviews N.T. Wright


N.T. Wright joins us to discuss The New Perspective(s) on Paul, theology and politics:

01:26 – 1st Century Judaism & The Law
06:62 – Present Justification & Future Justification
10:53 – Righteousness of God
13:50 – Does he ever get tired of Paul?
15:41 – Past & Future of Pauline theology
17:37 – Good starting point for The New Perspective on Paul
18:44 – His biggest theological change
21:46 – Theological polarization in America
24:00 – Where he would study in America today if he were a Masters student
25:32 – Biblical passages that still perplex him
28:30 – Pharisaic vs Old Testament views on wealth
31:41 – Government Healthcare
34:48 – Romans 13 & unlawful government authorities
39:18 – The future of western democracies
42:20 – What’s next for N.T. Wright?

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2 thoughts on “RE2 Interviews N.T. Wright

  1. A really interesting interview. Definitely food for thought on many levels. I enjoyed the discussion on government. I was surprised he doesn’t have a coherent argument for the Canaanite thing and the women’s head covering discussion, which oddly enough may actually be connected.

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