“Curses in Genesis” and “Declassifying 9/11”


What do the curses in Genesis mean for us today? Were they connected by a common theme? On the political side we discuss the legislation that’s been introduced to declassify 28 pages of 9/11 documents.

Curses in Genesis
02:48 – Did God curse your job?
07:00 – Theme of fertility in the Genesis curses
08:21 – Fertility & Adam’s curse
10:00 – Was Adam’s curse revoked in Genesis?
14:00 – Is “creation groaning” in Romans 8:22 related to Adam’s curse?
19:41 – Fertility & Eve’s curse
29:00 – Fertility & The Serpent’s curse
Declassifying 9/11
32:11 – Bob Graham, 9/11 documents, & who funded the 9/11 attack?
36:00 – Why is there a cover up?
39:12 – Declassification & freedom of information

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