“The Lost World Of Genesis One” & “The Nye/Ham Debate” with Dr. John Walton


Dr. John Walton from Wheaton College joins us to discuss his book “The Lost World of Genesis One“.  What was the ancient Israelite’s cosmology like and does Genesis talk about material ontology or functional ontology?  We also get his thoughts on the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham

01:47 – Cosmology and the ancient Israelite
04:05 – Sources and proof of ancient cosmology
04:54 – Is ancient cosmology a threat to Biblical inerrancy?
07:03 – What is functional ontology
12:24 – Does the word “create” imply a material creation?
14:39 – Are English Bible translations sufficient?
16:20 – Sources and instances of functional ontology
19:48 – Objections to functional ontology
24:15 – Was there really an Adam & Eve or Noah & a flood?
26:38 – When did Dr. Walton realize that Genesis was talking about functional ontology?
28:01 – What does it mean that God “regretted”?
30:41 – How would Dr. Walton explain Genesis 1 to children?
33:15 – What is teleological evolution?
37:20 – Thoughts on the Nye/Ham debate

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