“The Nephilim”


We talk about the giants described in Genesis 6. But first, Steven responds to a listener’s email.

04:07 – Response to listener
18:49 – Giants in Genesis 6
24:08 – A narrative of the Nephilim based on the Book of Enoch, Book of Jubilees and Book of Giants
39:50 – Nephelim and the New Testament

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One thought on ““The Nephilim”

  1. “Mortal divine being-ness.”
    “We really don’t know much from the Bible.” “I think you should rephrase your statement.”

    The dude who wrote the hate mail must have NO sense of humor.

    A nice overview of the nephilim. I suspect the myths that were passed down about the pre-flood nephilim fed vampire myths throughout the world.

    There’s something about divine beings/human sexual interactions that must really tick God off (and that’s me reading into the text). Sodom and Gomorrah are linked to that behavior, from their early alliance, to their interest in the angels sent to scope out the land. In addition, they are often linked to the pre-flood wickedness (human/divine being interactions?). Interesting stuff.

    I’m not a fan of the “modern nephilim” theory. Many suggest that, since the ancient nephilim were all ordered to be wiped out (i.e., they were unredeemable), then perhaps the modern ones are too. And in the modern context, that may include discussions of clones, humans with animal DNA spliced into them, or consuming GMOs, supposed alien/human hybrids and other real or imagined DNA modification going on today (i.e., Transhumanism). Unredeemable? Really errant thinking. But, that shouldn’t detract from the interesting supernatural events that the Bible dispassionately chronicles.

    I think the modern Halo games show interesting examples of ancient nephilim motifs applied to a modern context, with the giant, genetically modified super-soldiers fight against The Covenant. Think about that for a while.

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