“Noah” with screenwriter Brian Godawa


Screenwriter Brian Godawa joins us to discuss the new Noah movie, it’s message, how it compares to the Biblical narrative and it’s value as a cinematic work. Be sure to read Brian’s post Deconstructing Noah’s Arc: Godawful Storytelling. SPOILER ALERT!

03:18 – Brian’s screenwriting journey
08:41 – Overall thoughts on the Noah movie
16:34 – The meaning of the Noah movie
24:49 – Misleading trailer?
27:21 – The Watchers
32:36 – Gnostic influence
38:38 – Story Structure
46:53 – The “Chronicles of the Nephilim” novels
51:50 – Are the Nephilim still around?
53:56 – Where did the Nephilim come from after the flood?

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