“When Was The Pentateuch Written?” & “The Bundy Standoff”


We discuss who wrote the first five books of the Bible and when they were written. We also discuss the dispute between the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and cattle rancher Cliven Bundy.

When Was The Pentateuch Written?
03:10 – Did Moses write the Pentateuch?
07:40 – The JEDP Theory
09:48 – The Tablet Theory
11:35 – “before any king reigned over the sons of Israel”
12:57 – Thematic evidence for a post-exilic date
17:40 – Theme 1: Exile
19:04 – Theme 2: Brotherly Reconciliation
23:25 – Theme 3: Protection From God’s Wrath
The Bundy Standoff
26:42 – Desert tortoise and grazing
30:23 – Bundy standoff
32:47 – Anticipating the next standoff
34:00 – Lack of media coverage
36:18 – The BLM’s next move
38:38 – Should Bundy pay grazing fees?

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