“Money & The Federal Reserve” with James Corbett


James Corbett from The Corbett Report, joins us to discuss money, the Federal Reserve system, and his documentary film, “Century of Enslavement“:

02:34 – The “Century of Enslavement” Documentary
06:34 – What is money & where does it come from?
10:43 – Why is the Federal Reserve system unsustainable?
15:46 – The history & influence of the Federal Reserve: The Panic of 1907, J.P. Morgan, Jekyll Island & The Council on Foreign Relations
23:28 – The relationship between monetary & political power & how is monetary power being used today?
31:01 – The gold market & manipulation
33:31 – Solutions and a free market of currencies
40:49 – JFK & The Federal Reserve

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One thought on ““Money & The Federal Reserve” with James Corbett

  1. you mentioned Tarpley, but not the heart of his thesis: 45+drills, one of which was flying planes into buildings, thrn “Angel is next”, plus no fighter cover for Air Force One for about an hour and after the “Angle is Next” call (which is delivered accompanied by top secret code, telling Air Force One it is a serious threat by a faction from within), Air Force One will not tell FAA where it’s going until when exactly is not clear … perhaps not until they got instructions as to where exactly to go… (?) to Offet AFB near Omaha, where the oligarchs’ summit was in progress – then there’s the call to Putin … why call Putin? you know Tarpley’s analysis – does James have one for “Angle is next”? Why not interview Tarpley?

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