“The 9/11 Attacks” with James Corbett


James Corbett from The Corbett Report, joins us once again as we discuss 9/11 and the evidence that throws into question the official narrative:

03:45 – What caused you to start questioning the official narrative of the 9/11 attacks?
05:10 – Thoughts on WTC-7 & the way the twin towers collapsed
11:50 – The actions of Rumsfeld & Cheney on 9/11
15:46 – How involved was George W. Bush in the events of 9/11?
23:22 – What was the motivation for the attacks on 9/11?
31:31 – Why target the World Trade Center?
35:55 – Ptech’s software & other people/institutions that should be investigated
43:11 – Flight 93 & the crash in Pennsylvania
46:35 – What happened to the passengers on the 9/11 flights?
51:06 – Will there ever be a legitimate investigation of the events of 9/11 & will there be a future 9/11?

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